Maintenance & Safety Tips

Pool water level
Your pool water level will rise and lower from rain, evaporation, and splashing. A water level that is too high will make debris more likely to fall to the bottom, and a level too low can cause your pump to burn-out seals and leak, which could lead to costly repairs. Keep your pool water at the proper level, midway between the tiles and flowing through the skimmer when your equipment is on, for optimum maintenance.

Filter fitness
Your filter should have a checkup at least once a year, and more often if the pool or spa gets heavy use. To keep your pool or spa clean and functioning properly, your filter needs to be opened, thoroughly cleaned, checked, and any problems repaired.

Guard against your gardener

Gardeners use blowers and water spray, which can shoot debris into your pool, usually right after it’s just been cleaned. Talk to your gardener and ask him to blow or hose away from pool or spa areas.

Automatic chlorinators

Commercial properties with pools are required to have automatic chlorinators to maintain a chlorine level, specified by the Los Angeles County Health Department. This is just one of a host of regulatory requirements we can help you meet.

Pool party preparation

Here’s a great pool party-planning tip. Call us a week or two before a big party or special occasion and we’ll have your pool looking its best and working at peak performance.

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